Dr. Mou, CEO of Correctseq, Wins Prize of Annual Influential Enterprise Leaders of Chinese CGT Field in 2022

2022-11-15 10:05:05 Correctseq 92

Nov. 10th, 2022, Dr. Mou, CEO of Correctseq, won the Pharma Big Star prize of Annual Influential Enterprise Leaders of Chinese CGT Field in 2022 in Shanghai (Minhang) Biomedical Industry Innovation Summit Award Ceremony of 2022. The prize list was selected by MedClub of emedclub.com together with industry experts. 



The Parmar Big Star is organized by the MedClub of emedclub.com, jointly recommended and reviewed by well-known experts in the industry. It carried out a comprehensive evaluation on the innovation ability and research and development strength of Chinese biomedical enterprises, and screened from thousands of enterprises in the industry, aiming to select the best quality and most potential new stars in the industry.


Dr. Mou received a doctorate degree in Chemical Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY, U.S.A. and bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Fudan University. She has nearly 20 years industrial experience in CMC development and commercial manufacturing, quality, supply chain and new business establishment starting from 0 to 600 pl. Experienced in mAb, ADC, mRNA, VLP, AdV, AAV in therapeutic and preventive treatment, vaccine, CGT, rare disease. Served as the Vice President in WuXi Biologics Development and Manufacturing and the Site Head of Hangzhou, China, the senior scientist and project lead in Pfizer’s BioTherapeutics division (US) and the principal scientist and analytical leader of new and enabling technologies and CMC leader for BioProcess Development in Merck (MSD US).

At present, there are still some difficult diseases such as hereditary diseases, rare diseases, and chronic diseases that cannot be completely cured. In recent years the development of gene editing technology brings the hope for curing these diseases. As a global original gene editing technology platform, the Base Editing system created by scientific founders of Correctseq has great potential for clinical transformation in the field of medicine with high druggability and safety. Dr. Mou joint in Correctseq as CEO with the mission of using innovative gene editing system to help people living with serious disease, and is leading the company creating a new gene editing therapy and bringing it into IND.  

Now, Dr. Mou has built a gene editing drug R&D and CMC team with rich industry experience, creative spirit, and global vision for Correctseq, which has gathered dozens of outstanding biomedical experts from the fields of R&D, new drug development, CMC development, clinical operation, quality, etc. The management team and R&D team have more than 10 years industrial experience, with more than 40% of the staff holding doctoral degrees. Staffs of our management team and R&D team come from well-known domestic and international pharmaceutical companies, scientific research units and drug regulatory authorities. We have multi-field drug R&D experience with cancer, genetic disease, liver disease, blood disease, infectious disease, rare disease, mRNA therapy, CAR-T therapy, TCR-T therapy, monoclonal antibody therapy, stem cell therapy and tumor immunotherapy, etc. Multiple pipelines for genetic diseases, cancer immunotherapy, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases are well underway. 1st IND pipeline CS-101 is for beta-thalassemia which will be IND ready by 2023. Compared with Cas Nuclease gene editing therapy, tBE exhibits undetected off-target mutations, higher editing efficiency and γ-globin induction, and lower cytotoxicity.

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